Lisa’s LLOUD Goes Global

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has taken her new role as CEO of LLOUD to the international stage, showcasing her ambition to reshape the music and entertainment landscape.

LLOUD’s Visionary Launch


Lisa’s announcement of LLOUD as a platform for her creative vision has sparked widespread interest. As the sole artist currently listed, the industry is abuzz with speculation about future signings and collaborations under her leadership.

Worldwide Recognition for LLOUD

In an impressive display of global reach, LLOUD has been featured on billboards in Thailand, Singapore, New York’s Times Square, and the iconic Chinese Theaters in Los Angeles. This strategic promotion shows Lisa’s influence and the anticipation surrounding her new venture.

Fans and Netizens React to LLOUD’s Global Presence

The international promotion of LLOUD has excited fans and netizens alike, with many praising the extensive exposure and support Lisa is getting. The buzz generated by these advertisements shows the global community’s eagerness to see what Lisa will achieve with LLOUD.

What’s Next for Lisa and LLOUD?

With the world watching, Lisa’s journey as LLOUD’s CEO is just beginning. The music industry awaits the exciting projects and collaborations she will bring under her label.

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