Huang Weijin Responds to LE SSERAFIM Controversy

In the wake of a controversy stemming from comments made during the 2024 Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards, host Huang Weijin has offered a clarification regarding his remarks towards LE SSERAFIM.

Initial Incident and Response

The incident involved a comment about inserting fried sweet potato balls “down there,” which led to widespread criticism. Weijin’s initial apology aimed to address those who felt uncomfortable. He insists his words were misinterpreted and firmly denies making any sexual jokes.

Weijin’s Clarification Amidst Backlash

Weijin took to social media to explain the context of his comment, attributing the misunderstanding to the placement of the sweet potato balls in a bag. He humorously suggested that a different presentation would have prevented the controversy, advocating for using hands to eat fried sweet potato balls moving forward.

Netizens’ Mixed Reactions

Despite his attempts to clarify, netizens have mixed feelings about Weijin’s continued mention of the incident and LE SSERAFIM. Some accuse him of insincerity, while others believe his explanation reveals a broader misinterpretation issue fueled by “dirty thoughts.”

Weijin’s Firm Stance

In response to ongoing criticism, Weijin has firmly stated that he does not consider himself in the wrong, challenging the notion that public figures must adhere to strict behavioural standards.

Ongoing Debate Over Public Figure Responsibility

The debate surrounding Weijin’s comments and subsequent clarifications highlights the complex dynamics between public figures, their words, and public perception. As the conversation continues, the entertainment industry grapples with the balance between freedom of expression and the potential for misinterpretation.

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