Exclusive Interview: Seo In-Guk recalls his role in Death’s Game

In an exclusive email interview with HallyuBeat, Seo In-Guk, the multifaceted star of K-drama series Death’s Game, shares his insights and experiences from the show. The series, which premiered in December 2023, has garnered significant attention for its unique storyline and Seo In-Guk’s compelling performance.

Death’s Game is a gripping tale where Seo In-Guk portrays Choi Yi-Jae, a character caught in a surreal journey between life and death. The series, based on a popular webtoon, unfolds as Yi-Jae, after a failed suicide attempt, finds himself in a series of life-and-death scenarios orchestrated by a mysterious figure known as Death, played by Park So-Dam.

Read our email interview with Seo In-Guk below:

Playing Choi Yi-Jae in Death’s Game involves portraying twelve different lives. How did you prepare for the challenge of embodying such diverse characters within a single series?

“I discussed preparations for embodying various characters a lot with the director during filming. I had to see other characters act as Yee-Jae and I had to act after his emotions after suffering death, so the director’s directing was very helpful and encouraging.”

Seo In-Guk
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Can you share your experience working with Park So-Dam as Death, and how you both approached this unconventional on-screen dynamic?

“It was a pleasure to work with Park So-Dam. She had a lot of worries while preparing for the character Death, and I am a human being who is punished by Death, so I also had a lot of worries, but I was proud that the scenes where we worked together in Death’s den came out well. I think there was a good synergy. It was a dark scene, but the lighting team worked really hard, so thanks to them filming went well.”

Seo In-Guk
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The series blends fantasy, romance, and comedy. As an actor, how did you balance these different genres in your performance, and which aspect did you find most challenging?

“I think sticking to the script is close to the correct answer. According to the script, there are actions and changes in emotions. I tend to consult with the director about other things.”

How has playing the role of Yi-Jae influenced your personal views on life and death?

“While watching the drama, I felt the importance of what is close by, the precious parts of my life, and the preciousness of daily life that I had not thought about.”

Seo In-Guk
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What would you like to say to viewers who are still deciding whether to watch Death’s Game?

“Many actors and staff members of our drama Death’s Game made it very enjoyable and precious. If you’re still thinking about watching it, please watch it and feel the message from the drama.”

Watch Seo In-Guk’s gripping performance in Death’s Game, exclusively on Prime Video.

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