Dispatch Clears Kim Jiwoong in Video Call Controversy

In February 2024, ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong faced accusations of cursing at a fan during a video call fan meeting. A clip showing Jiwoong allegedly using foul language post-call stirred significant uproar on X (formerly Twitter), prompting management company WAKEONE to address calls for his removal.

Analytic Results Unveil the Truth

Dispatch has now shared voice analysis results from the Korea Forensic Science Service (KFSS), debunking the claim against Jiwoong. The analysis, led by Dr. Lee of KFSS, compared the controversial audio to CCTV footage, revealing that the cursing voice likely wasn’t Jiwoong’s.

[Analysis Report]

Ordered: February 5, 2024
Issued: February 6, 2024

Represented By: Law Firm Se Jong

Summary: The pitches in the video may have been altered.
The curse word is recorded from an external voice.

A. A video file including the visual of the situation and the audio of the curse word in question.
B. A CCTV file showing the fan meeting situation recorded in Material A.

A. Analyze the voice in Material A.
B. Analyze the authenticity of Material A and whether the curse word has been edited in.
C. Analyze whether the voice “cursing” and the voice saying “Thank you” are the same voice.
D. Analyze whether Material B has verifiable footage of the person in Material A saying the curse word in question.

Detailed Analysis Breaks Down the Audio

KFSS’s examination focused on three audio segments from the video. The first, featuring a “Thank you” from Kim Jiwoong, matched his voice with CCTV evidence. However, the segments containing the alleged curse and a remark “How weird” couldn’t be visually confirmed as Jiwoong’s, suggesting the presence of multiple voices in the recording.

External Interference Suspected

Dr. Lee noted discrepancies in audio frequencies between the segments, hinting at an external voice’s insertion. The analysis also considered multiple recording devices’ usage, further complicating the audio’s origin. CCTV footage limitations prevented a definitive match of the latter segments to Jiwoong.

Staff Corroborates Jiwoong’s Innocence

A staff member present during the call, identified as “Staff Member D,” confirmed Jiwoong’s innocence to Dispatch. Despite monitoring the calls, they heard no cursing from Jiwoong, supporting the claim of his respectful conduct throughout the event.

Controversy Draws to a Close

Despite the original poster’s insistence on Jiwoong’s misconduct, the comprehensive analysis and staff testimony have shifted public opinion, with fans now questioning the accuser’s motives. This development marks a significant turn in the narrative, vindicating Jiwoong and highlighting the complexities of fan interactions in the digital age.

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