BTS’ J-Hope thanks ARMYs on 30th birthday, reveals new project

BTS member J-Hope, renowned for his dynamic performances and infectious energy, celebrated his 30th birthday in a unique and heartwarming way. On February 17, one day before his birthday, J-Hope took to social media to share his joy with fans.

He posted two videos and a photo on his Instagram stories, each captioned with “HAPPY,” “HOPE,” and “DAY,” respectively. These posts showcased various banners and bus stop billboards in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, all dedicated to him by his fans worldwide.

In the videos, J-Hope visited these sites, displaying the deep connection and appreciation he has for his fans. J-Hope wore a denim jacket and black beanie, embodying the down-to-earth and approachable persona he’s known for.

J-Hope’s birthday message to ARMYs

Today, the official BTS account on X (formerly Twitter) shared a special birthday message from the artist.


J-Hope assured fans that he was doing well and was “very healthy”. He said that he received many congratulatory messages on his birthday, making him feel that he and the fans always celebrated together.

He added that as he is currently serving in the military, he had to covey his thanks differently this year. However, he was still touched by the fans’ gestures, saying his birthday was made even more meaningful thanks to them.

Upcoming documentary HOPE ON THE STREET

But the celebrations didn’t stop there. Fans were also treated to news of J-Hope’s upcoming OST and documentary titled HOPE ON THE STREET. Set to release in March, this documentary is a deep dive into J-Hope’s life and his journey as a dancer. It promises to offer an intimate look at his passion for dance and how it has shaped his life and career.

J-Hope’s birthday celebration and the announcement of HOPE ON THE STREET created a buzz among fans, further solidifying his status as a beloved figure in the K-pop world. His commitment to his art and his close bond with fans continue to endear him to millions worldwide.

As J-Hope embarks on this new chapter, his journey remains a source of inspiration and hope to many.

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