Original Poster Challenges Dispatch’s Analytic Findings on Kim Jiwoong Fan Call

Following Dispatch‘s detailed investigation into the controversial video call involving ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong, the fan who initially shared the contentious clip has spoken out. This development adds a new layer to the ongoing debate surrounding the incident that thrust Jiwoong into the limelight.

OP Questions Jiwoong’s Conduct

The fan, known as the Original Poster (OP), has raised questions about the behaviours of Kim Jiwoong during fan interactions. “Do you usually say ‘shibal’ after talking to fans? I’m not sure, so I’m asking for other Zerozes’ thoughts,” the OP remarked, reigniting discussions among the fanbase.

Scepticism Over Analytic Results

The OP doubts the clarity of the investigation’s outcomes, comparing the ambiguity to WAKEONE’s initial statement. They firmly believe their video was genuine, challenging claims of any alterations. This stance underscores a persistent quest for acknowledgement from ZEROBASEONE’s management.

Below is the translated text of the OP’s statement:

Stop playing word games with the voice analysis result that doesn’t actually have transparent information. The analysis has no real meaning, so it can be interpreted multiple ways depending on who reads it. And I’m sure that’s what was intended. This way, you can downplay the situation and insist that what was clearly said was not said at all.

In your initial response, you claimed that you double-checked with Kim Jiwoong himself and a staff member who was onsite. Didn’t you? But in the interview, the staff member who was there says they don’t remember the specifics of the call that I had with Kim Jiwoong. If they don’t remember the specifics, like who I was or what I said, then how were you able to double-check the situation with them? It does make sense, though, that neither Kim Jiwoong nor the staff member remembers anything particular about me or the conversation I had. That’s because I’m not some sasaeng. As a regular fan, I didn’t say anything weird. Had I done so, the staff member would have stopped me and remembered me for sure.

At first, you denied to acknowledge what happened to me based on your blind trust in Kim Jiwoong and the staff member’s account. Then, when people didn’t believe you, you went ahead and looked further into the matter. But making it sound like you were doing everyone a favor by going through the whole verification process…? Why so arrogant when everyone can hear the curse word loud and clear?

Also, I noticed that the analytic results suggested that the curse word might be from an external voice. Based on this suggestion, you claimed that the said voice does not belong to Kim Jiwoong. But I don’t understand how the suggestion proves anything. It is literally a suggestion, saying that there is a possibility for the voice to be external. It is not for certain, and so, how does it serve as proof of anything?

I went into the video call with no malicious intention to create a video clip and to alter it with an external recording. I also don’t have that kind of time. When I was on the call, I had a friend (female) with me who was recording me taking the call. I can be heard laughing, and my friend cannot be heard at all because she remained silent throughout the recording. So, then, who could it be? If it’s not the staff member, then are you saying it was said by another member who was there? Do you really think that the public and I are that dumb? — OP

Saying goodbye to their final shred of fondness for the group, the ex-fan firmly stated they would not share the full video to safeguard against being doxxed.

I also want to know what Kim Jiwoong’s statement is about. What exactly did he endure, hiding behind the management? He didn’t put him through a single word of apologizing or explaining. So what am I supposed to get out of his statement? It’s worded nicely and all, but there’s no meaning to it.

You must have replayed the three-second clip a hundred times. You can absolutely hear the word, ‘shibal.’

Let’s say that, after convincing myself a thousand times over, I end up believing that Kim Jiwoong was not the one who cursed at me. Even so, I felt offended regardless at the end of that call. The call that I spent millions of KRW to get. Shouldn’t you have, at the very least, talked to me first about it being a misunderstanding? Shouldn’t you have tried to work it out with me first? You should not have picked a fight with me, framed me to be some anti-fan, and used the press against me. Had it really been a misunderstanding, you could’ve talked to me about it and I would’ve moved on.

Ever since I got cursed at, I’ve been feeling horrible. I was accused of being a sasaeng, and now I’m accused of being a manipulator. I’m not the one “framing.” I’m being framed by WAKEONE, Kim Jiwoong, and Kim Jiwoong’s fans.

I’m so done with [ZEROBASEONE] that even my last remaining bit of affection for the group is gone. This sucks. How is cornering me and insisting that you’re not at fault “doing your best for a healthy and mature K-Pop culture?” Think again.

And one last thing. I’m never going to share the full video. It’s not because I have anything to hide. But why would I ever reveal my personal information to the public? I’m already getting attacked relentlessly. If you’re so sure that you’re in the clear, you can go ahead and release the full CCTV footage that you have. That footage should equally show what kind of attitude Kim Jiwoong brought to the video call, too. — OP

A Call for Apology Unanswered

Critiquing WAKEONE’s handling of the situation, the OP lamented the lack of an apology directed at them. Despite the unfolding events, their primary desire was to obtain an apology and move forward, a request that remains unfulfilled amidst the controversy.

This latest response from the OP keeps the conversation alive, highlighting ongoing tensions between fans and management in the wake of the video call saga. As the community awaits further developments, the demand for transparency and accountability shapes the narrative.

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