Jennie Attends The Weeknd’s Birthday Party

Since celebrating her birthday on January 16 … Jennie has maintained a low profile, with limited public appearances and updates on Instagram. Her recent presence at The Weeknd‘s birthday bash on February 16, however, has reignited fan excitement about her activities … Especially in the US.

A Glimpse into Jennie’s World

Jennie, the BLACKPINK sensation, was captured in a photo alongside Mimi Tohmé, showcasing her stunning style in a see-through black outfit. Her effortless charm and natural allure continue to captivate fans worldwide.

Anticipation Builds for Jennie’s Solo Ventures

Jennie’s musical collaboration with The Weeknd and Lily Rose-Depp on “One of the Girls” has already set new records on the Billboard Hot 100 and Spotify. With the launch of her company ODDATELIER and hints at her first solo album, anticipation is sky-high. Her recent Lunar New Year post, featuring a recording file image, further fuels speculation about her new music, especially following her US visit and interaction with The Weeknd.

Future Prospects for Jennie’s Solo Career

Jennie’s solo career is poised for explosive growth. With just three songs, she has become the Korean artist with the highest monthly listeners on Spotify. Her music-making stint in the US, potentially with producers behind hits for Rihanna and Drake, suggests her new album will feature significant collaborations. Fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for what promises to be a groundbreaking chapter in Jennie’s career.