Inside NEWJEANS’ Luxurious and Personalized Dorm

NEWJEANS’ dormitory has been the talk of the town for its opulent size and stylish decor. A sneak peek by Danielle during a live stream had already sparked excitement about the elegant aesthetics of their dorm.

A Glimpse into Modern Living

Recently, andersonc_design the interior design firm responsible for the girls’ apartment unveiled photos of the spacious living room. The pictures were captured prior to NEWJEANS’ moving in. The images showcase a large, comfortable sofa and a well-appointed dining area, set against the backdrop of a modern interior complete with a flat-screen TV and marble floors.

Min Hee-Jin’s Vision for NewJeans

ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee-Jin, played a pivotal role in the dorm’s design. The CEO aimed to introduce “New Things” to NEWJEANS and enrich their lives with modern luxuries. During the initial design meeting … Min Hee-Jin encouraged the members to share their personal style preferences, which they had collected on their phones. The effort was to ensure each member’s taste was reflected in their personal spaces.

A Common Area with a Personal Touch

For the communal living area, Min Hee-Jin personally selected the furnishings, dedicating considerable time to choosing the perfect sofa and dining chairs for daily use. The designer praised Min Hee-Jin’s commitment to creating a comfortable and stylish environment for NEWJEANS, highlighting her exceptional care and attention to detail.

Danielle’s Room

A Testament to Exceptional Leadership

The beautifully designed dorm stands as a testament to Min Hee-Jin’s dedication to NEWJEANS’ well-being and development. The luxurious and personalized living space not only provides comfort but also introduces the group to sophisticated living, reflecting the CEO’s vision for the band’s growth and exposure to new experiences.

NEWJEANS’ dormitory, with its blend of luxury and personalization, showcases the thoughtful approach ADOR takes in nurturing its artists, making it more than just a living space—it’s a home where creativity and comfort converge.