IU Shares Insights on Her Creative Process for New Album

After a notable hiatus, IU has triumphantly returned to the music scene with her latest album, The Winning. Her previous studio album, Lilac, released in March 2021, marked her last major promotion before taking a step back to focus on her next project. Despite the industry norm of frequent comebacks, IU’s break from releasing new music sparked curiosity among fans.

Finding Inspiration Amidst a Creative Hiatus

In a candid interview on her YouTube channel, IU opened up about the reasons behind the delay in releasing her sixth album. “There are always certain topics I’m obsessed with when I work on an album,” she explained, highlighting the importance of inspiration in her songwriting process. The past few years, however, presented a challenge in finding the right muse, prolonging the album’s development.

A Seamless Creative Journey with The Winning

Despite previous challenges, The Winning marked a turning point for IU. She described the album’s creation as a more effortless and less stressful experience compared to her past works. “This album naturally guided me, so I loved the time working on it because I didn’t have to squeeze my creative juice or be under stress,” IU shared, reflecting on the newfound ease in her creative process.

Reigniting a Competitive Spirit

IU also touched on how the making of The Winning rekindled her competitive nature, especially as she steps into her 30s. Viewing this period as an opportune time for her competitive spirit to flourish, IU found both a learning experience and a fun creative outlet in the process of crafting her latest album.

The Winning: A Diverse Musical Offering

Released on February 20, 2024, The Winning features dual title tracks HOLSSI and Shopper, along with B-sides like Shh, Love Wins All, and I Stan U. This diverse collection of songs showcases IU’s growth as an artist and her ability to navigate the complexities of creativity and inspiration.