Park Min-Young’s Agency Addresses Shady Business Allegations

Following a report on February 21 by Biz Hankook, Park Min-Young is under scrutiny for her alleged ties to dubious business activities. Hook Entertainment has quickly addressed these allegations about her involvement with One Stone, a construction company with a history of name changes and initial registration as a travel agency.

Details of the Allegations

The investigation pointed out Park Min-Young’s role as an internal director at One Stone. It also noted the company’s shared address with a cellphone store owned by Kang Jong-Hyun, her controversial ex-boyfriend. This connection has sparked renewed criticism of Park Min-Young, especially after her recent project, Marry My Husband.

Hook Entertainment’s Clarification

Hook Entertainment has clarified Park Min-Young’s relationship with One Stone, stating her ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong-Hyun, has no ties to it. The agency mentioned that Kang’s cellphone store had moved out earlier this year.

“Park Min-Young’s family runs One Stone. We cannot disclose more about the business,” Hook Entertainment explained, focusing on the family aspect of the company.

As Park Min-Young and Hook Entertainment navigate this controversy, the focus remains on separating her professional and personal life from past associations. The agency’s efforts to clarify the situation reflect its commitment to addressing public concerns and moving forward.

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