SM Entertainment Faces Criticism Over NCT Tour Announcements

SM Entertainment’s announcement of separate 2024 world tours for NCT 127 and NCT DREAM initially thrilled NCTzens. However, excitement soon turned to frustration due to perceived disparities in the promotional efforts and tour details for each unit.

Design Discrepancies Raise Eyebrows

Fans first noticed differences in the creative effort behind the tour posters. NCT DREAM’s poster received praise for its unique design, while NCT 127’s seemed to lack the same level of creativity, leading to disappointment among fans.

Vagueness in Tour Dates Sparks Concern

Further frustration arose from the vague tour dates for NCT 127, contrasted with NCT DREAM’s more detailed schedule. NCT 127’s poster only hinted at additional dates with “and more,” leaving fans in the dark about potential tour stops. This lack of clarity has left some wondering if Taeyong’s upcoming military enlistment is a factor, though it doesn’t alleviate their disappointment.

Health Concerns for Mark and Haechan

The health of Mark and Haechan, members of both units, has also become a point of concern. Fans worry about the physical toll of participating in back-to-back tours, stressing the importance of their well-being amidst the demanding schedule.

Fan Reactions to Unequal Treatment

The differing treatment of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, as perceived through the tour announcements, has sparked a wave of reactions from the NCTzen community. Many express their dissatisfaction with SM Entertainment’s approach, calling for more equitable support and transparency for all NCT units.

As SM Entertainment navigates the backlash, fans hope for adjustments that reflect equal commitment to each group’s success and the health of their members. The controversy highlights the passionate engagement of NCTzens and their expectations for fair treatment across the NCT brand.

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