Jisoo Unveils Her Future Plans as CEO with BLISSOO

Jisoo, the beloved BLACKPINK member, has officially confirmed the swirling rumours about her next big move: becoming a CEO. This announcement marks a significant milestone in her career, setting the stage for her ventures beyond music.

Stepping Beyond YG Entertainment

Following the path of her fellow members, Jisoo chose not to renew her solo contract with YG Entertainment. Amidst speculation about her future … Especially in light of Jennie and Lisa founding their companies, Jisoo’s next steps were highly anticipated.

BLISSOO Comes to Life

Early photos on February 21 hinted at the formation of her company, BLISSOO, sparking curiosity among fans. The speculation ended when Jisoo took to Instagram at 7:30 PM (KST) to make the grand announcement. She revealed BLISSOO’s mission to transcend genre boundaries and spread joy in her distinctive style.

A Vision for Happiness and Support

Jisoo’s announcement not only outlined BLISSOO’s goals but also touched BLINKs’ hearts by including a nod to BLACKPINK, emphasizing her commitment to supporting the group alongside her new venture. The initial blank social media accounts for BLISSOO were quickly updated with the new logo and images of Jisoo, signalling the official start of her journey as CEO.

A New Chapter for BLACKPINK Members

With Jisoo’s announcement, three BLACKPINK members now boast the title of CEO, heralding an exciting era for the group. Fans eagerly await Rosé’s next moves, as BLACKPINK continues to make waves both as a group and through their endeavors.

Jisoo’s leap into the business world with BLISSOO represents not just a personal achievement but also a source of inspiration for fans worldwide, showcasing her ambition and the diverse talents of BLACKPINK members.

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