Lia Surprises Fans at ITZY’s Seoul Concert

The atmosphere at ITZY’s ‘Born to Be’ tour concert in Seoul was electric, filled with anticipation and excitement. Fans were treated to a series of hit performances, including favourites like WANNABE, LOCO, and Not Shy.

Yet, the evening’s standout moment was Lia’s surprise appearance! This marks her first public outing since her September hiatus announcement due to anxiety.

A Heartfelt Surprise

Lia’s attendance was a touching moment for fans and members alike, showcasing her resilience and the strong bond within ITZY. Dressed casually … Lia mingled with the crowd, quickly becoming the night’s centre of attention, as seen in many fan photos shared online.

Fans React with Joy and Support

The response on social media was immediate and emotional, with fans shedding tears of joy at Lia’s surprise visit. This outpouring of support underscores the MIDZY community’s understanding and respect for Lia’s health journey, eagerly awaiting her full return to the stage when ready.

Looking Forward with Hope

As ITZY continues their ‘Born to Be’ tour across Asia and Europe, fans remain hopeful for Lia’s gradual reintegration into the group’s activities, always prioritizing her well-being. Lia’s appearance at the concert is a beacon of hope, reminding fans of the importance of mental health and the strength of unity and support.

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