AESPA’s Karina and Actor Lee Jae-Wook Confirm Romance

Karina from AESPA and actor Lee Jae-Wook are officially a couple. Dispatch broke the news, with confirmations from their agencies following soon after. The pair met at a Prada fashion show in Milan on January 14 and have been seen together in Lee’s neighbourhood.

Agencies Confirm Relationship

SM Entertainment and C-JeS Studios confirmed the relationship. They shared that Karina and Lee Jae-Wook are exploring their connection. Lee’s agency highlighted his ongoing projects and requested support for the couple’s private life.

Karina’s Rise with AESPA

Karina debuted with AESPA in November 2020. The group quickly became famous, with Karina gaining over 12 million Instagram followers. Born Yu Ji-min, Karina leads and dances her way onto the stage as the captivating centre of AESPA, charming fans with her vocals since their debut in 2020.

Lee Jae-Wook’s Acting Career

Lee Jae-Wook, known for Extraordinary You and Alchemy Of Souls, debuted in 2018. He won Best Actor at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards. Lee will soon appear in The Impossible Heir on Disney+.

Fans of both stars are thrilled by the news, offering their support for the new celebrity couple.

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