NCT’s Taeyong on a Mission to Find Dedicated Fan

NCT’s Taeyong has turned to Bubble, seeking a fan who caught his attention with their dedication. This fan was spotted promoting Taeyong’s title track TAP from his second solo mini-album with a sign at a subway station and the Olympic Park concert venue.

A Heartfelt Thank You from Taeyong

Moved by the fan’s effort, Taeyong expressed his gratitude on Bubble, highlighting the fan’s promotion work. He eagerly announced, “It’s finally releasing today!!!!” and shared his wish to find the fan, affectionately referred to as “Tyongf-nim.”

Fans Rally in Support

The fan’s unique promotion strategy has not only reached Taeyong but also inspired others to listen to TAP. Fellow fans and netizens have been touched by this act of love, praising the fan’s dedication and echoing the sentiment that this is a true display of support.

A Community Touched by Dedication

Comments from the community reflect admiration for the fan’s commitment, with many expressing how moved they are by the story. The consensus is clear: this fan’s actions exemplify genuine love and support, encouraging even more listeners to give TAP a chance.

As Taeyong continues his search for this special fan, the NCT community watches eagerly, hopeful for a heartwarming reunion. This story has not only showcased the bond between artists and fans but also the powerful impact of individual support.

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