Fans Upset Over P1Harmony 2024 Tour Costs and Timing

P1Harmony’s upcoming 2024 tour announcement by FNC Entertainment has sparked a significant backlash from fans over ticket pricing and the group’s demanding schedule. The tour, titled [P1ustage H: UTOP1A], will hit twelve cities starting in April.

Rushed Ticket Sales and High Costs

With general ticket sales launching on March 1 and presales starting just days before, fans had little time to prepare. VIP package prices, ranging from USD$99 to USD$299, and additional costs for group photos and hi-wave events, have led to concerns over affordability. The total cost could exceed USD$500 without even including the concert ticket.

Fan Reactions to Pricing

The community has voiced its dissatisfaction, noting a significant price increase compared to previous tours. The short notice for ticket sales has added to the frustration, with some fans suggesting that the tier benefits should match the steep prices.

Concerns Over P1Harmony Schedule

This tour announcement comes shortly after P1Harmony’s extensive 2023 tour and their recent comeback with the album Killin’ It on February 5. Fans worry about the group’s well-being, fearing they may be overworked despite their desire to support them.

A Potential Sell-Out Despite Concerns

Despite these concerns, the tour is on track to sell out, with presale tickets quickly being snapped up. This indicates strong fan support, even amid frustration over ticketing and scheduling.

Ongoing Concerns for P1Harmony

This isn’t the first time P1Harmony’s fans have raised issues regarding ticket prices and the members’ hectic touring schedule. As the tour approaches, many hope for adjustments to ensure both the group’s health and fan satisfaction.

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