‘Hijacking’ Brings Tense Airplane Drama to Screens in June

The eagerly awaited film Hijacking, set during a 1970s airplane hijacking crisis, is preparing for its June release. With a stellar cast including Ha Jung-Woo, Yeo Jin-Goo, Sung Dong-Il, and Chae Soo-Bin … Kim Seong-han directs the movie, and Perfect Storm Film producing.

A Glimpse into the Story

Hijacking delves into the harrowing experiences of crew members and passengers aboard a hijacked plane, offering a gripping narrative filled with tension and drama. The film revisits an era when aircraft hijackings were a global menace. It provides a realistic portrayal of the challenges faced during such crises.

Stellar Cast and Characters

  • Ha Jung-Woo stars as Tae-in, the pilot of the hijacked aircraft. A former Air Force fighter pilot, Tae-In is celebrated for his flying prowess and unwavering sense of duty. The film follows his efforts to navigate the dire situation.
  • Yeo Jin-Goo portrays Yong-Dae, a passenger caught in the ordeal. Known for his compelling performances, Yeo’s role in Hijacking marks a new venture, promising an intense on-screen chemistry with Ha Jung-Woo.
  • Sung Dong-Il plays Kyu-Sik, the aircraft’s captain. His character, alongside Tae-In, strives to ensure the safety of everyone on board, showcasing Sung’s profound acting range.
  • Chae Soo-Bin takes on the role of Ok-Soon, a flight attendant who remains composed in the face of danger.

Behind the Scenes

The screenplay, penned by award-winning writer Kim Kyung-chan, and directed by Kim Seong-Han, who has a rich background in assistant directing on notable projects, promises a meticulously crafted cinematic experience.

As Hijacking prepares for its release, its intriguing premise and talented ensemble cast are poised to captivate audiences. Put Hijacking on your to-watch list for 2024.

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