Top 5 Benefits of Being Employed by HYBE

Are you curious about the perks of working at a K-pop giant like HYBE? The Manager, an MBC reality show, peeks into the lives of LE SSERAFIM’s managers at Source Music, a HYBE subsidiary, revealing some enviable employee benefits.

1. Generous Vacation Policy

HYBE prioritizes work-life balance, encouraging full use of vacation leaves with end-of-year bonuses for teams that do. “The company gives us a bonus for using our vacation days,” shares a HYBE employee.

2. On-site Healthcare

The company recently introduced an in-house doctor, offering regular check-ups, IV treatments, and more for employees needing medical attention. “We can meet with a doctor more comfortably,” an employee notes.

3. Affordable Gourmet Cafeteria

HYBE’s cafeteria offers a wide range of dishes at about USD$1.50, significantly cheaper than the average USD$9 lunch outside. Employees enjoy healthy, varied meals with dine-in or take-out options, including customizable salads.

4. Private Projection Room

The seventh floor houses a mini movie theatre for teams to watch films or work videos in comfort, resembling a cinema experience.

5. Relaxing Nap Room

Understanding the need for rest, HYBE features a nap room with capsule beds and high-end massage chairs. “It’s the most frequented place when we need to rest,” says an employee.

These perks showcase HYBE’s commitment to employee satisfaction and well-being, making it a highly sought-after place to work.

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