S.Coups of SEVENTEEN Gets Military Exemption After Knee Injury

PLEDIS Entertainment recently announced that S.Coups, the leader of SEVENTEEN, won’t serve in the military. This decision comes after a serious knee injury he suffered last year. The injury required complex surgery, leading to his exemption from military duties under South Korea’s conscription criteria.

The Surgical Journey

S.Coups faced a challenging recovery after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). He underwent surgery to repair both his ACL and anterolateral ligament. These operations were crucial for his knee’s function. After surgery, he began a long physical rehab to regain strength and mobility.

Military Service Exemption

In South Korea, the military assesses individuals’ fitness for service. S.Coups’s post-recovery classification exempts him from active duty during peacetime. He might still need to serve in a support role if a conflict occurs.

SEVENTEEN’s Path Forward

Despite fans’ curiosity about SEVENTEEN’s next moves, PLEDIS promises to share details soon. Both S.Coups and Jeonghan will rejoin the group’s activities. They’ll start with an encore concert in Incheon, reconnecting with fans and marking their return. S.Coups’s military exemption highlights the unforeseen hurdles artists often face. It also shows the importance of prioritizing health.

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