Updated List of Netflix Korean Drama Cancellations

For fans of Korean dramas on Netflix, a recent announcement has stirred a mix of emotions. Netflix has confirmed the cancellation of five notable Korean drama series. This news has left many grappling with the abrupt end to stories and characters that have become a significant part of their viewing experience.

Let’s delve into the details of these cancellations, offering insights into the series affected and the impact on their audience.

Farewell to Beloved Korean Dramas on Netflix

Netflix’s contribution to the global popularity of Korean dramas is undeniable. With its platform, viewers have explored diverse stories, from intricate romances to suspenseful thrillers, all enriched with Korea’s cultural depth and emotional resonance. Yet, the journey has hit a snag with the cancellation of five series, each unique in its storytelling and fan base.

The Unexpected Endings

  1. The Sound of Magic: Despite its positive influence on viewers’ mental health, Netflix has decided not to renew “The Sound of Magic.” This adaptation from a popular webtoon will not see a second season, leaving fans disheartened.
  2. A Time Called You: This series, a complex time-travel romance adapted from a Taiwanese drama, faced controversies but emerged successful. Unfortunately, Netflix has chosen not to continue its story beyond the first season.
  3. Glitch: Featuring Jeon Yeo Been and Nana, “Glitch” brought a unique story to the screen. However, its journey ends with just one season.
  4. Mask Girl: Despite stellar performances and meaningful lessons, “Mask Girl” will not return. This decision comes as a surprise given the series’ achievements.
  5. Celebrity: Starring Park Gyu Young and Kang Min Hyuk, “Celebrity” offered a thrilling romance narrative. Despite its appeal, Netflix has halted its continuation.
  6. The Bequeathed: This series, despite its recent premiere, was quickly removed from Netflix’s roster.
  7. My Demon: Surprisingly, “My Demon,” a top-ranked series, will not be renewed.
  8. Captivating the King: Despite global acclaim, there are no plans for a new season.
  9. Welcome to Samdalri: Known for its heartwarming content, its cancellation leaves fans puzzled.
  10. Doctor Slump: A highly anticipated drama due to its leading cast’s reunion, will not continue.

Reflecting on the Cancellations

The discontinuation of these series raises numerous questions, particularly regarding the criteria Netflix uses for such decisions. While detailed explanations are scarce, the void left by these shows is palpable among their global fanbase.

Netflix’s recent cancellations have undeniably shaken the Korean drama-viewing community. As we bid farewell to these stories, check out our March 2024 K-Drama List.