NEWJEANS’ Hanni Exudes Grace in Marie Claire Shoot Showcasing CHAUMET’s ‘Joséphine’ Collection

In a stunning digital photoshoot for Marie Claire, NEWJEANS’ Hanni unveiled a side of herself that fans rarely see. Known for her adorable charm, Hanni turned heads with a chic and sophisticated look, complemented by deep, meaningful gazes. This photoshoot contrasts sharply with her usual image, offering a glimpse into her versatile fashion sense.

A Chic Transformation

Hanni’s transformation for the shoot was remarkable. She embraced a minimalistic fashion style, which paired perfectly with the elegance of CHAUMET’s ‘Joséphine’ collection. This French high jewellery brand, boasting over 240 years of history, provided the perfect accessories to highlight Hanni’s refined charm.

Captivating Elegance

The photoshoot captured NEWJEANS’ Hanni in a new light, showcasing her ability to blend elegance with enchantment. Her collaboration with CHAUMET and Marie Claire for the April issue is a testament to her fashion-forward image and her capability to inspire through style.

The collection’s sophisticated stylings are a perfect match for Hanni’s new look, proving that she can captivate audiences not just with her music but with her fashion sense as well.

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