Lee Jae-Wook on his biggest challenge in The Impossible Heir

Charismatic actor Lee Jae-Wook recently shed some light on his captivating role in the suspenseful K-drama The Impossible Heir. The star was speaking at the press conference to announce the K-drama, which is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Lee Jae-Wook plays Han Tae-Oh, an ambitious young man with a tumultuous past, in this dark and riveting series. Talking about his role, the actor described how his enthusiasm started when he first read the script. “When I first read the script … from an actor’s perspective, I couldn’t wait to see what unfolds, and I remember it being very intriguing and gripping. It has a very strong and intense first scene.”

The drama follows Tae-Oh’s strategic alliance with Kang In-Ha, played by Lee Jun-Young, as they plot to take over a chaebol family empire. However, they soon face a formidable obstacle in the form of the ambitious Na Hye-Won, played by Hong Suzu. The three are soon involved in love triangle that adds another layer of suspense to the narrative.

Lee Jae-Wook in The Impossible Heir
Disney+ Hotstar

A difficult challenge to ‘face’

Lee Jae-Wook underwent his own challenges while portraying the stoic but complex Han Tae-Oh. He said: “He’s very quiet, and he always puts on a poker face, so he is not an expressive type, so there was little leeway as to how I can express him, because he conceals his feelings.”

Fortunately, he was able to get guidance from the series’ director Min Yeon-Hong. Lee Jae-Wook said: “Director Min is focused on the details, and he knows how to express parts of a character by using different camera angles, so he would focus on my hand gestures, or the way I look at things, so he helped me a lot in expressing my character.”

The talented actor has played many complex characters in the past, but had to rethink his approach to Tae-Oh. “The other characters I’ve played so far are three-dimensional, and this time around [Tae-Oh] is the more sensitive type, and he needs more directions in terms of filming, so I’d just like to thank Director Min for doing such a good job.”

Lee Jae-Wook in The Impossible Heir
Disney+ Hotstar

The charm of Lee Jae-Wook shines through

Director Min himself praised Lee Jae-Wook’s ability to add his own touch to the character. He explained: “Jae-Wook has got loads of charm, so even when he puts on a poker face, that charms exudes out of him. So I think that is one thing that Jae-Wook could [deliver] on the show for us.”

Fans can catch Lee Jae-Wook’s compelling performance in The Impossible Heir every Wednesday and Thursday exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. The series promises a captivating exploration of power dynamics, ambitions, and the tangled webs of love and betrayal.

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