AESPA’s Karina Releases Apology Over Lee Jae-Wook Dating News

In a heartfelt move, aespa’s Karina addressed fans directly for the first time regarding her relationship news with actor Lee Jae-Wook. On March 5, 2024, she shared a handwritten apology letter on her personal Instagram account. While Karina did not mention Lee Jae-Wook or the specific details, her message was clearly in response to the recent reports about their relationship.

The Fandom’s Mixed Reactions

The revelation of Karina’s relationship with Lee Jae-Wook has sparked diverse reactions among fans. While some supporters expressed happiness for the couple, others chose to leave the fandom.

Notably, Karina’s Chinese fans took a public stance by placing trucks with messages outside the SM Entertainment building on March 4, 2024. One message called for an apology, while the other criticized Karina more harshly, suggesting that she was jeopardizing her career.

Is the love fans give you not enough? Why did you choose to betray fans? Please personally apologize to us. Otherwise, you will see the drop in album sales and empty concert venues.
Karina, rather than feeling sorry towards the fans, you should be sorry to the you who has worked hard for seven years. You messed up your own career yourself. All your efforts have been denied by a single dating rumor. Are yo satisfied?

Despite these public displays, a significant portion of the online community and fans continue to defend Karina’s right to personal happiness. They argue that her relationship should not be a matter of public scrutiny or affect her professional life negatively.

Moving Forward

Karina’s decision to address the situation through a handwritten letter indicates her respect and gratitude towards her fans. By choosing a personal approach, she aims to maintain a transparent and sincere connection with her audience, despite the challenges that come with public attention to her private life.

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