TEMPEST’s Hwarang Excluded from Group Activities Amid Controversy

Yuehua Entertainment has announced that Hwarang, from idol group TEMPEST, will be suspended from group promotions following a scandal. The controversy came to light when Hwarang was reportedly seen clubbing and socializing with women, raising questions about his conduct.

Company Statement on Suspension

On March 6, Yuehua Entertainment released a statement disclosing Hwarang’s hiatus from TEMPEST. The decision followed a thorough discussion with Hwarang about the viral controversies regarding his private life.

Unfortunately, Hwarang was unable to regain the trust needed for group cohesion. The label expressed, “During the discussion, Hwarang was not able to earn back trust, and we have decided that the team can’t promote under these circumstances.”

Impact on Group Promotions

As a result of this decision … TEMPEST will proceed with their upcoming promotions for the 5th mini album TEMPEST Voyage as a six-member group, excluding Hwarang. The label also mentioned that Hwarang had already participated in some promotional activities that might still be used, apologizing to fans for the unexpected announcement and asking for their understanding.

Background of the Controversy

The suspension comes after reports surfaced of Hwarang’s nightlife activities, including club hopping and drinking. It was also alleged that he used a private Instagram account to communicate with women he met during these outings.

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