Ex-DIA Member Somyi Subject to Legal Action Over False Claims

Somyi, formerly of DIA, is in legal trouble after making false sexual assault allegations against her agency’s CEO. The turn of events has led to the possibility of a prison sentence for the former idol, now a broadcasting jockey (BJ).

The Case Unfolds

Recent reports have identified Somyi as the individual on trial for making unfounded accusations. In January of the previous year, she reported an attempted sexual assault by her agency’s CEO, known as Mr B. Contrary to her claims of fleeing the scene, CCTV footage revealed her exiting the room calmly and engaging in friendly behaviour with Mr B shortly after.

Prosecution’s Argument

The prosecution has argued that Somyi’s allegations were motivated by personal grievances, suggesting she aimed to disrupt Mr B’s relationship with another woman. Somyi has contested these claims, maintaining her innocence.

Impact on Career and Agency

Following her departure from DIA, Somyi pursued a new career path as an adult content BJ on Panda TV, joining a company under CEO B that manages various BJs. The fallout from her allegations has reportedly caused significant disruptions within the agency, leading to financial losses and the departure of other BJs.

Pending Sentence

Somyi faces a potential one-year prison sentence, as prosecutors presented their case at the trial. March 21st holds the key to Somyi’s future as the court delivers its final verdict. The case has sparked discussions on the ramifications of false accusations and the importance of evidence in legal proceedings.

Somyi’s trial, regardless of the verdict, will undoubtedly leave lasting ripples on her career

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