NCT Dream Concept Photos Accused of Copying Red Velvet

SM Entertainment’s NCT Dream has been caught in a whirlwind of plagiarism accusations. This follows the release of their concept images for the upcoming DREAM()SCAPE comeback. Fans have spotted striking similarities between NCT Dream’s teaser images and Red Velvet’s visuals for their third studio album.

The Controversy Unfolds

The debate ignited after fans noticed that NCT Dream’s teaser images, which feature the members in retro school uniforms set against chilling, thematic backdrops, closely mirrored the innovative and viral Chill Kill concept by Red Velvet. The visual similarities between the two concepts have divided fan communities … Sparking a heated debate over the originality of NCT Dream’s latest visuals.

Fans Rally in Defense

Supporters of NCT Dream have come forward to defend the group and its concept. They pointed out it was due to the creative influence of Cho Gi-Seok. The acclaimed photographer, recognized for his unique visual storytelling, directed both photoshoots, contributing to the stylistic overlap.

Cho’s portfolio includes collaborations with notable K-Pop acts like LE SSERAFIM, XG, and I’LL-IT, marking this as his first encounter with plagiarism accusations in the K-Pop sphere.

A Repeating Pattern for SM Entertainment?

This incident adds to a series of plagiarism controversies SM Entertainment has faced. Earlier this year, RIIZE faced criticism for its lightstick design, which bore a striking resemblance to Epic High’s. SM Entertainment opted to delay RIIZE’s lightstick release, leading to speculation about potential design changes.

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