Jennie’s Disclosure about Slow Motion Sparks Backlash Against YG

Jennie of BLACKPINK, has stirred a significant uproar against YG Entertainment following her latest Instagram post regarding her new song, Slow Motion, a collaboration with artist Matt Champion.

Released on March 8 (KST), the song marks another milestone in Jennie’s flourishing solo career alongside her venture … ODD ATELIER, and various solo engagements in variety shows and fashion events.

The Heart of the Controversy

The backlash primarily stems from Jennie’s caption … Where she disclosed that Slow Motion was penned three years prior and holds deep sentimental value for her.

This revelation has sparked widespread indignation among netizens and fans, who vented their frustration over YG Entertainment’s perceived restrictions on Jennie’s solo endeavours and collaborations during her tenure with the agency.

Fans’ Outcry on Social Media

Social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), have become battlegrounds for fans expressing their discontent with YG Entertainment. BLINKs and the broader online community share a sense of disappointment over the delayed release of Slow Motion. This sparked speculation about Jennie’s potential unreleased projects.

A Brighter Future Post-YG

Despite the controversy, the incident shows the positive trajectory of BLACKPINK members’ careers since parting ways with YG Entertainment. Fans highlight the group’s flourishing individual projects and Jennie’s successful transition to a multi-faceted entrepreneur and artist as evidence of their untapped potential while under the agency’s management.

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