Artwork by G-Dragon Set for Auction with Starting Bid at USD23,000

G-Dragon’s artistic side takes centre stage as “Youth is Flower” prepares to bloom under the auction hammer. The Seoul Auction Gangnam Center is gearing up to host a contemporary art auction on March 29. G-Dragon’s piece will be among the featured artworks.

Artistic Endeavors of G-Dragon

Crafted in 2017, “Youth is Flower” showcases G-Dragon’s artistic flair with its signature daisy and the phrase ‘YOUTH IS FLOWER’ artistically rendered in markers and spray paint on a metal panel. The piece, signed by G-Dragon in the bottom-right corner, marks his first foray into the auction scene with his fine art.

Pricing and Recognition

Seoul Auction has set the starting bid at 30 million won (approximately USD 23,000), reflecting G-Dragon’s global stature, the uniqueness of his art in the market, and the strategic timing of the sale. This pricing strategy acknowledges the artist’s, Kwon Ji Yong’s, significant influence and the anticipation surrounding the auction of his works.

G-Dragon: An Art Enthusiast

G-Dragon’s engagement with art extends beyond creating; he has been an avid art collector and enthusiast for years. A coveted collection, valued at over USD 15 million, reportedly belongs to G-Dragon.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Francis Bacon for BIGBANG’s hit BAE BAE, and recognized by Artnews as one of the ’50 Notable Collectors,’ G-Dragon continues to bridge the gap between music and visual art, showcasing his multifaceted creativity.

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