Queen of Tears Episode 1 Recap and Review

Episode 1

Queen of Tears opens with visually captivating scenes of the home of Baek Hyun-Woo and Hong Hae-In, painting a vivid picture of the couple’s life. The initial scenes are steeped in nostalgia as Hyun-Woo reminisces about their wedding, labelled by the press as the event of the century.

His humble beginnings contrast sharply with his wife’s stature as the heiress of Queens Group Department Stores, setting the stage for a narrative that feels plucked straight from a modern-day fairytale.

A Modern Fairytale

The narrative swiftly introduces Hae-In, whose sharp business acumen is immediately apparent. The recounting of their first meeting reveals contrasting perceptions, laying the foundation for their complex relationship.

Initially drawn together under the guise of professional assistance, their connection deepens, only for the reality of Hae-In’s identity to temporarily drive Hyun-Woo away. Her bold move to bring him back, however, shows her determination and sets the tone for their unconventional love story.

The Present: A Stark Contrast to the Past

As the story transitions to the present, we observe a stark departure from the couple’s earlier dynamics. Despite Hyun-Woo’s prominent role in the company’s legal department, the social divide within their marriage is palpable.

Living under the same roof yet leading disparate lives, the couple’s interactions are marked by tension and unspoken grievances, with Hyun-Woo feeling particularly alienated by his in-law’s disregard for his perspective.

Freedom or Family Obligation

Kim Soo-Hyun does an amazing job as Hyun-Woo

Hyun-Woo’s struggle for autonomy is further complicated by his obligations to his own family, whose financial interests seem to take precedence over his personal well-being.

This realization propels him towards seeking a divorce, a decision that is upended by Hae-In’s startling revelation of her terminal illness. This twist redefines their relationship, prompting Hyun-Woo to reassess his actions and commitments.

A Poignant Conclusion and an Uncertain Future

The episode culminates in a reflective epilogue of their wedding, juxtaposing their current turmoil with the hope and love that once united them.

Their messages to their future selves encapsulate their aspirations and shared journeys, adding depth to their characters and setting the stage for the unfolding drama.

Oppa’s Thoughts

“Queen of Tears” Episode 1 masterfully introduces viewers to Hyun-Woo and Hae-In’s entwined lives against the backdrop of corporate elitism.

The episode excels in establishing the complexity of their relationship, driven by Kim Soo-Hyun’s compelling portrayal of Hyun-Woo. His nuanced performance captures the essence of a man caught between love, duty, and the pursuit of personal freedom, making for an engaging and emotionally resonant viewing experience.

Kim Ji-Won as Hae-In is perfectly cast and the two leads share an amazing chemistry. Given the bombshell reveal of Hae-In’s illness in the first episode, the viewer is left with a sense of mounting trepidation as the series moves forward.

Time to stock up on tissues.

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