SEVENTEEN’s Jun Faces Terrifying Mob at China Airport

SEVENTEEN’s Jun experienced a frightening welcome in China, significantly more harrowing than his departure from Incheon International Airport. Jun was in China to attend a Gucci Ancora Pop-up Event but was met with an overwhelming crowd upon arrival. The incident sparked concerns for the idol’s safety.

A “Zombie-Apocalypse” Welcome

A Korean netizen likened the scene to a terrifying zombie apocalypse … With fans and onlookers losing all regard for personal space in their eagerness to capture a moment with the idol. Eight bodyguards couldn’t hold back the surging crowd! Jun was swallowed whole, visibly shaken by the overwhelming mobbing.

Social Media Reaction

The incident quickly spread across social media platforms, including Weibo and X (formerly Twitter). Fans shared photos and videos of the overwhelming scene. This led to widespread criticism of the mob’s behaviour, igniting a debate on the appropriateness of airport welcomes in K-Pop culture.

Community Outcry

Both SEVENTEEN fans and the wider idol community have voiced their disapproval of the dangerous situation, questioning the continuing practice of fans waiting at airports. The debate shines a spotlight on the need for respectful fan interactions and the safety of artists in public spaces.

The mobbing incident involving Jun has highlighted the urgent need for better crowd control measures and respectful fan behaviour to ensure the safety and well-being of idols during their travels.

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