VCHA’s Kaylee Announces Hiatus Ahead of Group’s Comeback

JYP Entertainment has disclosed that Kaylee, the youngest member of the rising K-Pop girl group VCHA, will be stepping back from her duties within the group for an indefinite period. This announcement comes as the group gears up for their upcoming single release, leaving fans concerned and supportive of Kaylee’s well-being.

Formation and Recent Highlights of VCHA

VCHA, a collaboration between JYP Entertainment and Republic Records, emerged from the competition show A2K (America2Korea) … Bringing together Lexi, Camila, Kaylee, KG, Kendall, and Savanna. The group has quickly captured the global audience’s attention, recently debuting with Girls of the Year. They also served as the opening act for TWICE’s 5th World Tour “Ready To Be.”

Upcoming Comeback and Kaylee’s Absence

The group announced their return with the single “Only One,” set for release on March 15. However, fans received the bittersweet news that Kaylee would not participate in the upcoming promotions due to health reasons.

Official Statement on Kaylee’s Hiatus

JYP Entertainment took to VCHA’s official X (formerly Twitter) account on March 11 to share the news of Kaylee’s hiatus in English, emphasizing the decision stemmed from her current health condition. The company assured fans it would provide updates on Kaylee’s recovery process and eventual return to group activities.

Fans and the wider K-Pop community have since rallied around Kaylee, expressing their support and wishes for her swift recovery. The news has highlighted the industry’s ongoing challenges with artist health and the pressures of the idol lifestyle, sparking discussions on prioritizing well-being over rigorous promotional schedules.

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