NEWJEANS Reveals Plans for Comeback, Japanese Debut, and World Tour

Exciting news for NEWJEANS fans: The group has laid out a packed schedule for the upcoming months, including a comeback, a Japanese debut, and the announcement of their first world tour.

Upcoming Releases and Comeback

On May 24, NEWJEANS is set to enchant fans with a double single, featuring four tracks in total. The release will include the title track How Sweet, the B-side Bubble Gum, and instrumental versions of both songs. In a unique promotional strategy, Bubble Gum will get an early release in April as part of a Japanese shampoo commercial, setting the stage for the group’s May comeback.

Japanese Debut

Following their Korean activities, NewJeans will officially step into the Japanese music scene on June 21 with another double single. This release will feature the title track Supernatural, the B-side Right Now, and instrumental versions of each. Right Now will precede the debut as a commercial song in both Korea and Japan in May, building anticipation for their official entry into the Japanese market.

Fan Meeting and Future Plans

Adding to the excitement, NEWJEANS will host their first Japanese fan meeting, “Bunnies Camp 2024,” at the Tokyo Dome on June 26 and 27, promising an unforgettable experience for fans. Beyond these immediate plans, NEWJEANS is also preparing to release a new album in the second half of 2024. This album will precede their first world tour in 2025, marking a significant milestone in their career.

Fans around the world have much to look forward to as NEWJEANS sets the stage for an exciting year ahead.

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