ILLIT’s Debut Showcase: Q&A Session Draws Criticism

HYBE’s newest girl group, ILLIT, recently made a splash in the K-pop scene with their debut EP SUPER REAL ME and its leading track Magnetic. Their debut showcase, held on March 25 at the Blue Square Hall in Itaewon, Seoul. The event was attended by approximately 100 media representatives. While the group’s music and performance received positive feedback, their Q&A session garnered some mild criticism from the press for repetitive answers.

Media’s Mixed Reactions

The showcase spotlighted ILLIT’s promising talent and stage presence. However, a notable Korean media outlet pointed out the lack of depth in ILLIT’s responses to questions, emphasizing the group’s tendency to repeat certain keywords and phrases. Adding to this observation, attendees noted consistent patterns in the group’s media interactions.

The Pressure of Expectations

One of the focal points of criticism was the group’s generic response to the pressure of debuting under a prominent label like HYBE. Their answer, highlighting admiration for their label seniors and a commitment to doing their best, felt unsatisfactory to some reporters seeking more personalized insights.

Defining ILLIT’s Uniqueness

When questioned about what distinguishes ILLIT from other HYBE girl groups like LE SSERAFIM and NEWJEANS, the members reiterated their ability to immerse themselves fully in the moment, on and off the stage.

Here are some of the media questions posed to the group:

Reporter: Please answer in detail about what makes you different from NewJeans, a fellow group with teenage members.

ILLIT: We would like to show more of how we have fun on and off stage.

Reporter: Is there something you want to achieve beyond numbers?

ILLIT: We want to be like our seniors who have fun on and off stage. We also want to learn how to become more composed like they are.  As a group, we’d like to be comfortable and happy around one another and become artists who continue to love what we do.

Reporter: What do you think are the standards for being called a fifth-generation girl group and do you feel any pressure?

ILLIT: Our goal is to allow the public to hear a variety of music from us, as well as show them our own charms, including our honest, confident, quirky, and real sides.

Looking Forward

The feedback from the debut showcase’s Q&A session may serve as a learning experience for ILLIT as they navigate their early days in the industry. Developing a more nuanced way of addressing media inquiries could enhance their public and press relations in the future. Despite the critique, ILLIT’s musical and performance talents remain undisputed.

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