Han So-Hee and Ryu Jun-Yeol Part Ways After Brief Romance

The entertainment industry is abuzz with the news of Han So-Hee and Ryu Jun-Yeol’s recent breakup, confirmed by Korean media on March 30, 2024. The relationship between the two stars, which was first acknowledged publicly on March 15, 2024, has come to an end just weeks after its confirmation.

Confirmation from Ryu Jun-Yeol’s Side

EDaily first reported the breakup following thorough investigations. Subsequently, representatives for Ryu Jun-Yeol confirmed the split to Sports Today, stating that the couple decided to go their separate ways two weeks after officially revealing their relationship to the public.

Han So-Hee’s Agency Release Statement

The My Name actress’s agency 9ATO Entertainment was quick to release an official statement to confirm the breakup.

Han So-Hee and actor Ryu Jun-Yeol have broken up. They realized that their roles as actors are greater. They have promised not to waste any emotions on personal matters any longer.

Han So-Hee has made both herself and the public suffer due to her personal feelings all this time. The way she communicated [with the public] was not right. She is sorry. She will duly receive whatever criticism [there is]. Moreover, our responsibility is huge, for not being able to care for our actor as her agency. The company failed in its role as a nesting place. We are reflecting. Although it is very late, we are trying to correct it from now on.

We hope you will look over her warmly. She will return healthy. — 9ATO Entertainment

A Short-Lived Romance

The brief relationship between Han So-Hee and Ryu Jun-Yeol captured the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide, making the news of their separation particularly poignant for those who supported the couple. The reason behind their decision to part ways has not been disclosed, leaving room for speculation among fans.

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