Queen of Tears Episode 4 Recap and Review

Episode 4 of Queen of Tears picks up with Hyun-Woo and Hae-In sharing a kiss, leaving Hyun-Woo shocked and Hae-In embarrassed. As Hyun-Woo tries to talk to her and get her phone, the situation becomes more tangled. He manages to delete a crucial message after guessing the correct password, leading to a series of awkward and tender moments between them.

The Weight of Lost Dreams

A poignant flashback reveals the couple’s past excitement about expecting a baby, with the delivery date being October 31st. This memory is a stark contrast to their present reality, explaining the emotional distance between them. The only reminder of this time is a lone glow-in-the-dark star sticker in their room.

Rekindling Feelings

Hyun-Woo finds himself drawn to Hae-In, experiencing a mix of emotions from happiness to denial. His actions, from humming with joy to smiling at her excitement, indicate his growing affection, which doesn’t go unnoticed by those around them.

Jealousy and Suspicion

The arrival of Yoon Eun-Sung stirs jealousy in Hyun-Woo, especially as Eun-Sung grows closer to Hae-In. Hyun-Woo’s suspicions about Eun-Sung’s motives increase, especially after Eun-Sung’s involvement in convincing Mr. Hermann to partner with Hae-In’s mall.

A Glimmer of Hope

Hae-In shares hopeful news about a potential cure for her illness, sparking a mix of emotions in Hyun-Woo. He contemplates their future together, wrestling with his feelings and the complexity of their situation.

Meanwhile, Eun-Sung and Grace Goh conspire against the Queens group, manipulating situations to their advantage. This escalates tensions within Hae-In’s family, especially when her mother confronts her with accusations.

Support in Vulnerability

Hyun-Woo supports Hae-In during her dizzy spell, encouraging her to open up to her family about her condition. Her optimism shines through, despite the fear of losing another child hanging over the family.

Despite her medical condition, Hae-In’s grand gesture to support Hyun-Woo’s father in the village elections demonstrates her generosity. This deepens the bond between her and Hyun-Woo’s family.

Lost and Found

Hae-In’s exploration of Hyun-Woo’s childhood room and the discovery of a pink iPod lead to a reflective moment, only to be interrupted by her getting lost. Hyun-Woo’s frantic search leads to a tense confrontation.

The episode closes with a powerful moment of vulnerability between Hyun-Woo and Hae-In. The epilogue surprises viewers by revealing a chance encounter between Hyun-Woo and Hae-In during their high school years, adding another layer to their complex relationship.

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