BigHit apologizes for BTS’ J-Hope listening party link mix-up

BigHit Music issued an apology following a blunder during a scheduled listening party that left fans unimpressed. The virtual listening event for J-Hope’s mixtape, Hope On The Street Vol. 1, was marred when the company provided the wrong link address.

Fans rushed to the Stationhead platform to listen to NEURON, one of J-Hope’s tracks from the mixtape. However, when they clicked on the link provided, they were directed to a different page altogether. Ironically, the actual link was for the purchase of another track by by J-Hope’s BTS groupmate V.

The mix-up both confused and upset fans who were eager to hear J-Hope’s new track. Many of them contacted BigHit Music to alert them of the issue, and the link address was eventually corrected.

Fans voice their disappointment

The situation left many fans questioning the professionalism of BigHit and its digital team. They expressed their frustration on social media. Many were disappointed over the missed opportunity to engage with J-Hope and fellow fans at the listening party.

Following the backlash, BigHit Music swiftly issued an apology over the “technical mapping error”. In a statement, the company acknowledged the technical difficulties and expressing regret for the inconvenience caused to fans.

They added: “Moving forward, we will make utmost efforts to put forth preventative measures in advance.”

Promising to do better

They assured fans that measures would be taken to prevent similar issues in the future, reaffirming their commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for listeners.

Despite the hiccup, anticipation for J-Hope’s mixtape and further tracks for Hope On The Street Vol. 1 remains high. Fans continued to voice their support for the artist, who is currently undergoing his military service.

The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges of organizing virtual events in the digital age, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation and effective communication to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for fans.

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