Controversy Surrounds NEWJEANS’ Street Filming in Taipei

Recent photos capturing NEWJEANS filming on the streets of Taipei have sparked widespread controversy … Leading to a heated debate among netizens and fans alike. The incident unfolded on March 30, when images of the shoot made their way onto various online platforms. This drew attention to the group’s activities.

The Secret Project and Public Backlash

The controversy escalated when an individual, claiming to be a staff member, urged netizens to delete any content related to the project, citing its secrecy. However, the public met this request with backlash. They argued that filming in a public space does not grant the staff the authority to control what bystanders witness or share.

Eyewitness Accounts Raise Concerns

Eyewitnesses at the scene shared their experiences, revealing staff members’ attempts to restrict photography and control access to the area. Several negative experiences have come to light.

One netizen was aggressively told to leave and not take photos, even though they weren’t trying to take any. Another resident described being forced to have their phone checked by staff after taking pictures. There are also reports of staff actively monitoring cars and pedestrians to verify residency.

Reports indicate that NewJeans’ filming in Taiwan encountered issues due to permit discrepancies. While a temporary permit was obtained, it seems full road closure authorization wasn’t secured. This reportedly led to frustration on the staff’s part, resulting in confrontations with passersby.

Netizen Reactions

The staff and certain fans’ efforts to suppress information about the filming have led to widespread criticism. Many expressed their dismay at the invasive measures taken to protect the secrecy of the project, with some directing their frustration towards NEWJEANS as well.

The incident has ignited a broader conversation about privacy, public space, and the boundaries of fan behaviour.

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