OMEGA X Sues Ex-Agency for Defamation and Misconduct

K-Pop group OMEGA X continues its battle for justice against their former agency, Spire Entertainment, and a YouTuber who spread false information.

A Dark Past Revealed

In October 2022, shocking claims surfaced. Videos emerged online showing Spire Entertainment’s CEO, Kang Seong Hee, mentally and physically abusing the OMEGA X members. This followed with talk against a separate company, MC Entertainment, for messing up their US tour.

Kang’s Abuse Exposed

The claims against Kang were extensive. She reportedly forced sick members to perform with COVID-19, pressured them to drink excessively, and subjected them to sexual assault and harassment. She even displayed inappropriate behaviour towards Yechan, a minor.

Breaking Free

Thankfully, OMEGA X won their lawsuit against Spire in January 2023, suspending their contracts. By May, the contracts were officially terminated, allowing them to sign with a new agency, IPQ.

Kang’s Defamation Tactics

Despite facing exposure, Kang hasn’t given up. She attempted to sway public opinion and even made false claims of sexual assault against member Hwichan. IPQ, OMEGA X’s current agency, has refuted these claims with concrete evidence.

Taking Back the Narrative

In a recent update, IPQ detailed the abuse OMEGA X suffered under Kang’s leadership, including assault, verbal abuse, molestation, and intimidation. They are taking legal action against both Spire Entertainment and Youtuber In Ji Woong who spread false information about the group.

Justice for OMEGA X

The alleged sexual assault and defamation accusations are under investigation. IPQ is committed to bringing the truth to light and securing justice for OMEGA X. This talented group deserves a brighter future, free from harassment and manipulation.

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