ADOR Addresses NEWJEANS’ Taiwan Filming Controversy, Announces Exciting Tokyo Dome Fan Meeting

NEWJEANS’ agency, ADOR, has officially responded to recent controversies surrounding the group’s outdoor filming activities in Taiwan. Amidst claims of staff misconduct during the shoot, ADOR has refuted the accusations, stating that online narratives do not align with the truth.

Controversy Clarification

While details about the specific accusations remain vague, ADOR’s statement to Newsen emphasizes a commitment to ensuring accurate representations of events, distancing the agency and NEWJEANS from the alleged inappropriate behaviour.

The accusations that are being spread online are not true. We received official permission from the Taipei City Hall and the police force to film. We conducted our filming within the scope of the permission that we obtained.

At the time, our staff had a sign asking people not to take any pictures, but there were people taking pictures within the area that we were asking for no filming. In these cases, our staff politely asked for the photos to be deleted, and everyone who was asked cooperated. There were no cases of loud voices or disrespect at the filming site. — ADOR

Tokyo Dome Fan Meeting Details

In brighter news, ADOR has unveiled plans for NEWJEANS’ highly anticipated “Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome” fan meeting. Scheduled for June 26-27, the event promises an extensive 24-song performance, including four new tracks, across three albums. The 150-minute show will also feature solo performances and appearances by notable artists YOASOBI and Rina Sawayama, enhancing the fan experience.

Musical Guests and Record-Breaking Achievements

YOASOBI, a popular Japanese duo, and British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama, both avowed NEWJEANS fans, are set to enrich the fan meeting with their talents. Additionally, renowned producer 250 will serve as the opening DJ, adding to the event’s allure.

NEWJEANS continues to make history, achieving rapid success in Japan. Their upcoming appearances and releases, including double singles in May and June, underscore their growing influence in both the Korean and Japanese music scenes.

Anticipation for Upcoming Releases

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of How Sweet and Bubble Gum in May, followed by Supernatural and Right Now in June. These releases are expected to solidify NEWJEANS’ position as a leading K-Pop act in Asia, with plans for active promotions in both Korea and Japan.

The upcoming Tokyo Dome fan meeting and new music releases are set to mark another milestone in their burgeoning career.

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