Marry My Husband star Song Ha-Yoon faces bullying allegations

A new school bullying scandal has rocked the South Korean entertainment industry. Marry My Husband actress Song Ha-Yoon has been accused of violently attacking several of her former classmates, shocking many fans.

The incident began on April 1, 2024, when JTBC released a report that featured an interview with an alleged victim. According to the victim, Song Ha-Yoon once “slapped her for more than 90 minutes” when they were in high school.

The victim, who is now living in the US, also claimed that she contacted the actress’ agency to alert them of the situation. She said the agency offered to bring her to South Korea to meet the actress. However, she refused their offer.

Following JTBC’s report, several of Song Ha-Yoon’s former classmates came forward with their own accounts of her violent behavior. They accused her of being part of a gang, and that she was also expelled from high school.

Marry My Husband star Song Ha-Yoon faces bullying allegations

Agency’s response to the allegations

Song Ha-Yoon’s agency King Kong by Starship initially released a statement denying the bullying allegations. According to the statement the actress had never met the first accuser, and claimed that they had asked to meet with her to investigate the allegations, but were refused. They added that Song Ha-Yoon herself had denied the allegations.

Later, the agency was contacted by Korean publication My Daily. They revealed that Song Ha-Yoon had indeed been expelled from her high school following a school bullying incident.

However, they reiterated their earlier statement that Song Ha-Yoon had never met her first accuser before. The agency is currently in the process of gathering “evidence of defamation”, presumably against the first accuser.

Marry My Husband star Song Ha-Yoon faces bullying allegations
Song Ha-Yoon in ‘Marry My Husband’. – tvN

Reactions to the drama

The various allegations have deeply shocked fans. Many K-netizens voiced their doubt over the agency’s response. Some believe that the agency is not being truthful, and that the first accuser’s allegations about Song Ha-Yoon are accurate.

The situation has also put Song Ha-Yoon’s upcoming K-drama project in jeopardy. The actress was set to star in History of Fools, alongside Cho Byeong-Kyu and Ryeoun. Several people connected to the drama told MK Sports that the release date for History of Fools is “undecided”, due to the ongoing controversy.

It is important to note that these are just allegations at this point, and Song Ha-Yoon herself has yet to make a statement. More information will likely come to light in the coming days and weeks.

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