K-Pop News 030424: G-Dragon, KEP1ER, KINGDOM and more

Here’s a comprehensive update on the latest happenings in the Korean Entertainment industry for April 3 …

G-Dragon Plans Music Comeback and Global Activities

K-Pop News 030424: G-Dragon

G-Dragon, the iconic artist from Big Bang, is preparing for a music comeback later this year. The star is gearing up for global activities which includes plans in Japan. Galaxy Corporation, which G-Dragon recently joined after leaving YG Entertainment, confirmed their support for his endeavours. Galaxy Corporation’s launch of a Japanese branch last September aims to support G-Dragon’s in the region.

KINGDOM Announces Comeback with History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ

KINGDOM is set to release a new album, History Of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ, on April 30. This marks their first official activity of 2024. This album signifies the beginning of a new chapter for KINGDOM, promising fresh music and innovative concepts. Fans are eagerly anticipating the revelations KINGDOM will bring forth with this album.

BABYMONSTER’s Debut Track SHEESH Achieves Spotify Success

K-Pop News 030424: BABYMONSTER

BABYMONSTER, YG Entertainment’s latest girl group … Has made an impressive debut on Spotify’s Daily Top Song Chart with their official debut track, SHEESH. Ranking 69th globally and amassing approximately 1.76 million streams on its first day, SHEESH has set a new record among K-pop girl group songs released this year. Across various platforms, BABYMONSTER’s debut is achieving impressive results, living up to the pre-debut hype.

KEP1ER to Release Final Album in May

K-Pop News 030424: KEP1ER

KEP1ER, the girl group formed through Mnet’s Girls Planet 999, is preparing to release their last album in May before the expiration of their exclusive contract. The group is currently recording tracks for the album … Which is expected to include a variety of songs for fans. Negotiations are ongoing regarding the possible extension of KEP1ER’s activities.

Jeon Somi Adjusts Pricing for GLYF Cosmetics

Following criticism over the high price tag of her makeup brand GLYF’s first product, a highlighter palette, Jeon Somi has decided to lower the price. Listening to customer feedback, the company has reduced the price of the makeup palette from 43,000 KRW (USD32) to 34,400 KRW (USD25.45).

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