NEWJEANS is the new face of Korea

In a significant changing of the guard, NEWJEANS Steps In as Korea’s New Representative at Incheon Airport, Succeeding BLACKPINK. This transition marks a new era for Incheon Main Customs’ public relations, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop’s global influence.

A New Generation Steps In

BLACKPINK held the position of PR ambassador since 2017 … They were one of the first sights for travellers entering Korea through Incheon Airport. For seven years … Their images in the arrival section, videos on trains, and banners across the airport have warmly greeted visitors.

Now, NEWJEANS is stepping into this role, bringing fresh energy and representation to the forefront. The group’s appointment signifies the arrival of the new generation of K-Pop idols, continuing a tradition that began with GIRLS’ GENERATION and was carried forward by BLACKPINK.

Celebrating National Pride

One of the most talked-about aspects of NEWJEANS’ new role as PR ambassadors is their celebration of national pride. The group’s promotional materials feature them wearing hanbok, traditional Korean clothing, signalling a deep respect for Korea’s cultural heritage.

By taking this step, the group has ignited excitement and earned praise from netizens. Their dedication to representing Korea on a global scale is clear.

The Cycle Continues

The tradition of changing PR ambassadors for Incheon Main Customs every seven years showcases the dynamic nature of cultural representation in South Korea. From GIRLS’ GENERATION to BLACKPINK, and now to NEWJEANS … Each group has brought its unique charm and influence, contributing to the global perception of Korea.

Their appointment as the new face of Korea at Incheon Airport is a testament to their rising status and the changing tides of cultural icons in the digital age.

Congratulations to NEWJEANS!

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