NOWADAYS’ Siyun makes charming mistake at fansign event

K-pop fans are buzzing about a hilarious incident that took place at boy group NOWADAYS’ first fansign event. Siyun, one of the group’s members, made an endearing mistake that has since captured the hearts of fans and netizens alike.

During the event held on April 5, Siyun, while signing an album for a fan, accidentally wrote “To Siyun” on it, effectively dedicating his autograph to himself. This humorous slip-up went unnoticed at the moment but later became a topic of amusement among fans.

The fan who received the autograph shared the incident on social media, sparking a wave of affectionate reactions from the K-pop community.

NOWADAYS' Siyun makes charming mistake at fansign event

In their post about the mix-up, the fan said they found the situation extremely funny, adding that it took them some time to realize what Siyun had written.

While idols typically go viral for their interactions, Siyun’s innocent error has brought a different kind of attention to NOWADAYS. Fans and netizens found this mistake endearing, with some calling the autographed album a rare and valuable item.

Comments like “A really cute mistake, LOL” and “LOL Siyun. Even his clumsiness has a charm” flooded social media, highlighting the positive reception of Siyun’s rookie error.


NOWADAYS, which debuted on April 2 with their single album, Nowadays, is a five-member group under Cube Entertainment. This incident at their first fansign event showcases the group’s relatable nature but also builds closer bonds with their fanbase.

As NOWADAYS continues their journey in the K-pop industry, this memorable fansign moment serves as a reminder of the group’s humble beginnings and the genuine connections they are forging with their fans.

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