(G)I-DLE manager accused of inappropriate behavior

A recent development has raised concerns within the K-pop community. A netizen has accused a high-ranked manager of (G)I-DLE of inappropriate behavior against a Cube Entertainment staff member. The worrying allegations have gone viral in Korea and sparked a wave of reactions from fans and netizens alike.

The female staff member, referred to as Staff B, claimed to have briefly interacted with Manager A during an event. However, months later, Manager A reportedly contacted Staff B through Instagram. Manager A later asked for her Kakao Talk account, under the pretext of potential work-related communication.

Claims of inappropriate communication

The situation escalated when Manager A allegedly sent Staff B a message late one night. She claimed that he commented on her appearance and asked for her phone number. He also inquired about Staff B’s friend, whom he had apparently found through her Instagram account.

The netizen who shared these details expressed concern over Manager A’s behavior. They also suggested that it was indicative of a deeper issue within Cube Entertainment, and urged the company to take action.

Fan reactions to the accusations

Fans of (G)I-DLE have reacted strongly to these allegations of inappropriate behavior. Many for Cube Entertainment, the group’s management company, to respond. Comments like “How did Cube Entertainment recruit their staff?” and “This is so disgusting, and yet you still let him work by (G)I-DLE’s side?” reflect the growing unease among the fandom.

The incident has raised questions about the safety and well-being of (G)I-DLE members and the staff working with them. Fans are urging Cube Entertainment to take the allegations seriously and ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved.

As of now, Cube Entertainment has not issued a statement regarding the matter. The situation remains a topic of concern and discussion among fans and observers of the K-pop industry, as they await further developments.

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