Kim Da-Mi and Son Suk-Ku to star in thriller Nine Puzzles

Talented stars Kim Da-Mi and Son Suk-Ku will share the screen together in a brand new thriller coming soon to Disney+ Hotstar.

When a serial killer begins playing games with police, two investigators must put aside their differences and work together. This unique partnership is the heart of Nine Puzzles, a dark criminal thriller coming next year – exclusively to Disney+ Hotstar.

Stopping a killer in Nine Puzzles

After a childhood marked by tragedy, Yoon Ena grows up to become a criminal profiler. Her world is turned upside down when she is thrown headfirst into a dangerous new case. With the killer seemingly playing games with her, Ena is forced to think out of the box.

She must work with her biggest critic – fellow investigator Kim Hanseam – to solve the case before the killer takes another victim.

This gripping thriller stars Kim Da-Mi (Itaewon Class, Our Beloved Summer), and Son Suk-Ku (Big Bet, My Liberation Notes). Also in the cast is Kim Sung-Kyun (Moving, 12.12: The Day) as Yang Jungho.

A new, gripping thriller

Nine Puzzles is written by Lee Eun-Mi (Navillera, About Tunnel) and directed by Yoon Jong-Bin (Narco-Saints, The Spy Gone North).

Nine Puzzles is the latest in the ever-growing collection of unmissable Korean storytelling now available on Disney+ Hotstar. The series is set to premiere in 2025.

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Stream Nine Puzzles starting 2025 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

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