LE SSERAFIM Under Fire After Coachella Performance

Coachella’s Instagram recently featured a reel of LE SSERAFIM performing Fearless, which quickly went viral. The post amassed over 7.8 million views and more than 369,100 likes. This post has put the group under the digital spotlight.

Vocal Abilities of LE SSERAFIM Questioned

However, the same post has also been bombarded with negative comments, casting doubts on the group’s vocal performance. Numerous users expressed disappointment, with comments ranging from “Their vocals are so bad” to “Dancers, not singers.”

The criticism sparked debate and gained traction, with tens of thousands of likes.

Suggestions for improvement were also visible among the comments, including requests like, “Please HYBE teach them how to sing live.” This reflects ongoing concerns within the K-Pop community about the group’s preparation for such a prestigious stage.

Fans Highlight Choreography Challenges

Amidst the criticism, some fans defended the group, pointing out the demanding choreography involved in the performance. Comments like “Considering how hard this choreography is, they slayed the vocals. Chaewon sang while whipping her head,” attempt to bring balance to the discussion, emphasizing the physical exertion involved in live performances.

The discourse surrounding LE SSERAFIM at Coachella raises important questions about the readiness and suitability of artists for such high-profile stages and how performance standards are judged in such a high-stakes environment.

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