Blood Free Episode 2 Recap and Review

Blood Free is a gripping K-drama that merges elements of science fiction and thriller. The story is set in a future where lab-grown meat has become the norm. The drama centers on Woo Chae-Woon (Ju Ji-Hoon), a former elite soldier, who now works as a bodyguard for Yun Ja-Yu (Han Hyo-Joo), the CEO of BF, a leading company in the biotech industry. The plot thickens as Chae-Woon uncovers a web of conspiracies linked to past terrorist attacks that seem to connect with the company’s booming success. His mission to protect Ja-Yu becomes a perilous journey through layers of deception and hidden truths.

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Episode 2 begins with Chae-Woon arriving at BF corporate headquarters to be evaluated for the position of bodyguard. He is put through a rigorous test in a virtual reality chamber, where he displays his fighting, shooting and driving skills. He then has an interview with BF research director On San, who questions him about his military background.

At the same time, Ja-Yu is working to resolve the hacking situation at her company. While discussing her next moves with her lawyer Jeong Hae-Deun, On San reveals that he has found a suitable bodyguard for her. At the same time, Hae-Deun informs Ja-Yu that another terrorist group is threatening to kill her.

Joining the company

Chae-Woon returns to his house where he is suddenly attacked. It soon transpires that this is a final test to determine whether he will make a suitable bodyguard. He is then brought back to BF headquarters to meet Ja-Yu.

Chae-Woon immediately goes into ‘bodyguard mode’, but Ja-Yu is more cautious. She questions him about his military background, and about how he was on the scene during the first attack on her life. Fortunately, Chae-Woon manages to convince her that it was purely by coincidence.

Ja-Yu then discusses the hacking situation with him. Chae-Woon suggests that she pay the ransom demanded by the hackers, and allow the authorities to investigate. She takes his advice, and immediately gains access to her company files.

The heat is turned up

Chae-Woon then begins his first assignment: escorting Ja-Yu to a meeting with the prime minister Seonu-Jae. There, Ja-Yu informs the Seonu-Jae about the hacking and her concerns about the accusations of illegal research against her company.

Seonu-Jae suggests that she try to sway public opinion by making a substantial charitable donation, as well as release more details about her company’s synthetic meat. Ja-Yu agrees to the donation, but refuses to reveal any of her trade secrets.

Meanwhile, On San is conducting his own investigation into the earlier attacks on BF employees. He reports his findings to Ja-Yu, and she begins to suspect that there is a saboteur within her company.

Planting the seeds of suspicion

Chae-Woon begins to ingratiate himself with Ja-Yu, revealing his knowledge about past attempts on her life and attacks against her company. He also shares his suspicions about CitizenX and their reasons for attacking BF and Ja-Yu.

The episode ends with Ja-Yu evaluating those closest to her, including Hae-Deun, On San and her bioengineer Kim Sin-Gu. She begins to wonder if any of them could possibly be the mastermind behind the attempts on her life.

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