YouTuber Vanishes After Mock ‘Apology’ to NEWJEANS

ADOR, representing NewJeans, has legally challenged a YouTuber who defamed the group. The agency requested a California federal court to force Google to disclose the identity of the channel owner, @Middle7. This channel had posted several defamatory videos about NewJeans, attracting over 13 million views.

Mock Apology Leads to YouTuber’s Sudden Disappearance

The details of the lawsuit against the YouTuber became public. In response … The YouTuber posted a video titled “The apology letter of a middle school 7th grader who got sued by NEWJEANS.” The sarcastic title mocked the idea of a genuine apology.

The video, which played the provocative song “FUXX THAT SHXX” by Leellamarz and TOIL, insulted the group further using distorted images of its members. Shortly after, the user deleted this video and their entire channel from YouTube.

NEWJEANS’ agency sued me. I woke up and wondered what on earth was going on…The good news is I didn’t apply to be monetized. — @Middle7

Netizens Cheer as Disparaging YouTube Channel Disappears

Netizens cheer removal of channel spreading idol hate. This action has sparked discussions about online behaviour and the importance of maintaining respectful interactions.

With the channel now gone, ADOR faces challenges in pursuing the lawsuit. This case highlights the growing issues of online harassment and the need for accountability in the digital space.

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