Jennie’s Bold New Look in Latest Vogue Korea Shoot

Jennie from BLACKPINK has recently taken the internet by storm with her daring new visuals in a “wet look” photoshoot for Vogue Korea. Collaborating with Chanel, this shoot has significantly shifted public opinion in her favour.

Sexy ‘Wet Look’ Photoshoot Draws Praise

As Vogue Korea unveiled the editorial, netizens were quick to express their awe at Jennie’s appearance. Featuring her hair slicked back and minimal makeup, the photos aimed to create an underwater effect, highlighting Jennie’s natural beauty. The close-up shots in particular left fans and casual observers stunned by her unreal features and the overall aesthetic of the shoot.

Jennie Highlights Chanel in Underwater-Themed Shoot

Despite the focus on Chanel products, including some of the brand’s jewellery, it was Jennie who captured all the attention. Her portrayal brought out the essence of the brand while ensuring that her charm was the centrepiece. Many of her shots confirmed her status as a fashion icon, showcasing her remarkable proportions and elegant presence.

Videos from the shoot posted on Vogue Korea’s Instagram page further solidified Jennie’s image as an underwater goddess, drawing widespread admiration. Netizens dubbed her the “Ice Princess,” overwhelmed by the sexy, stunning visuals and the unique concept of the photoshoot.

You can watch the video here: