Zico Announces New Music Featuring Jennie

Zico is celebrating his 10th anniversary in the music industry by dropping a new track, with BLACKPINK’s Jennie featuring in both the song and its music video.

This collaboration has sparked significant excitement among fans of both artists.

Zico and Jennie Heighten Anticipation on Instagram

Zico recently took to Instagram to post a sneak peek of the new song, boosting fan anticipation. Jennie also contributed to the buzz by sharing the teaser on her Instagram stories. This iconic duo has fans buzzing with excitement over the collaboration.

Zico’s ‘SPOT!’ Set for April Debut

Zico’s 11th digital single, SPOT! (Feat. JENNIE) is scheduled for release on April 26. This announcement is thrilling for fans, as it marks Zico’s first musical release since July 2022. The upcoming single promises to be a significant addition to both artists’ discographies.

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